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Original Artwork Scanning and Capture

Art Scanning & Capturing Services in Arizona

At Muzeo, we love technology and advancing with the times. Our commitment to our client’s excellence is a never-ending quest and we understand that to offer high-quality limited editions you must start with the image itself. Muzeo has invested in the latest technologies to innovate our own proprietary art capture system, marking a new standard in the industry and providing you with the highest caliber art captures available.

If your art archive needs to be digitally captured, you can count on our proprietary system to deliver the highest resolution, color fidelity, and dimensional texture available on the market today.

Remote image capture services are available.

We can come to you.  For oversized artwork or large quantities that are not easily transportable, we can arrange an image capture at your location.

Ultra high resolution digital art capturing for giclee reproductions and editions.

  • Oversized original art capture capabilities.  As large as 96×60.
  • Color correction & profiling.
  • Macro detail.
  • Large resolution digital images.
  • Fast turn-around times.
  • Reproduce your artwork in variety of size and paper formats.

Art Capture Pricing

Original Art in Square Inches 1 Piece 2 Pieces 3 Pieces 4+
576 Sq. In. Or Smaller $75 /Pc. $70 /Pc. $60/Pc. $55/Pc.
577 Sq. In. – 1728 Sq. In. $95/Pc. $85/Pc. $75/Pc. $75/Pc.
1729 Sq. In. – 2400 Sq. In. $155 /Pc. $135/Pc. $120/Pc. $110/Pc.

To determine the number of square inches of your artwork, multiply the height by the width to get the number of square inches.

Art Capture Packages Include:

  • Color Profiled Images.
  • Edge to edge high fidelity (sharp) image.
  • Pricing includes 2 color proofs (Generally accurate color results are typical under 2 proofs).  Additional proofing is billed at $85/hour if required.
  • JPEG Production File: 300 dpi in Adobe RGB color format.
  • TIFF Production File: 300 dpi in Adobe RGB color format.
  • Web file: 72 dpi sized at 1600 pixels in SRGB color format (suitable for web display).

Pro Original Art Scanning and Capturing Services Include:

Art Scanning Accurate Color


Excellent color reproduction and smooth gradients.

 Amy Koch


Art scanning and capturing services


Depth control and shadow preservation.

 Michelle Larsen

Artwork Scanning for giclee reproduction.


Edge to edge sharpness and micro detail.

Kenyon Taylor


Tonality control in every art scan


Accurate contrast and nuanced tonality.

Dale Terbush


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