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Our Giclee and Fine Art Papers

Achieve professional results with museum-quality giclee fine art papers and inks.

Our products are superb because of the quality of materials we use.  Get the effect you desire with a variety of paper stocks and ink types.  Use canvas to exhibit an artistic effect.  Let your works shine with premium gloss or luster photo paper.  The possibilities are as limitless as your imagination when it comes to finding the right finishing features for your piece.  

Artist Matte

  • Matte Finish
  • 10.3 mil Thickness
  • 94% Opacity
  • 104 ISO Brightness
  • 110 yr. Permanence Rating*


Sometimes, keeping it simple is the best option.  Artist Matte is the perfect paper for entry level art and photo print reproductions.  A high-performing, smooth finished paper with a flat, matte appearance, this paper is great for use in professional-level fine art and photography printing.  A favorite among artists, illustrators and designers, Artist Matte paper helps achieve a soft, elegant effect.

Algofino™ Smooth Bright

  • Smooth Matte Finish

  • 16 mil

  • 98% Opacity

  • 96 ISO Brightness

  • Acid Free

  • pH Buffered

Looking for the highest quality media to bring your your work to life?  Look no further.  The woman in the portrait above looks so real you’ll want to talk to her.  This gorgeous, 100% cotton, acid free media has a bright, smooth effect.  It has a brilliantly high color gamut and a deep black density, perfect for printing a variety of   high-end photography, fine art, and graphic designs.

Algofino™ Textured Bright

  • Textured Matte Finish
  • 19 mil density
  • 98% Opacity
  • 96 ISO Brightness
  • Acid Free
  • pH Buffered

Another one of our museum worthy papers that will impress, Algofino Textured Bright is the epitome of fine art paper.  Like its Smooth counterpart, this signature paper is a 100% cotton rag, acid free media with a brilliantly high color gamut and a deep black density.  It distinguishes itself with a unique textured finish to give even more character to its subject(s).

Fotofino™ Luster

  • Luster Finish
  • 10 mil Thickness
  • 97% Opacity
  • 97 ISO Brightness
  • 200+ yr. Permanence Rating*

Sometimes, the paper can be every bit as impressive as the image printed on it.  One of our most popular photo papers, Fotofino luster features the Luster E surface (orange peel) of traditional silver halide prints to achieve a shimmering luster effect.  A favorite among professional photographers and graphic artists, this museum quality paper is sure to turn heads.

Fotofino™ Gloss

  • High-Gloss Finish
  • 10 mil Thickness
  • 97% Opacity
  • 92 ISO Brightness
  • 98 yr. Permanence Rating*

Select the boss of all gloss to help your work shine as brightly as you do.  Fotofino Gloss is the highest gloss-level paper that we offer.  Achieve extreme sharpness and exquisite clarity with this reflective photo paper.  A favorite among nature and landscape photographers, Fotofino Gloss paper provides vibrant imaging with a stunning gloss effect.


Fotofino™ Metallic


  • Metallic, glossy finish
  • Resin-coated paper base
  • 10.5 mil
  • Brightness 81%
  • Whiteness 95%


She’s never looked this good on paper!  Notice how the subtle metallic finish makes her come alive.  Lumetallic Gloss is produced with an advanced Dmax and uses a rich color gamut.  This smooth, high-gloss photo paper features a unique, pearlescent surface that provides superior sharpness and depth.

Exhibition Canvas Satin

  • Satin Surface
  • High Dmax
  • Wide Color Gamut
  • 430 gsm Weight
  • 23 mil Thickness


All artists appreciate the elegance and prestige of canvas.  Exhibition Canvas Satin is an acid free, lignin free, heavyweight cotton-poly blend.  This textured media features a semi-gloss satin surface, a brilliant white point, incredibly high Dmax and broad color gamut.  The canvas base is embellished with elastic polymers, providing high tensile strength and flexibility for flawless gallery wrap stretching.