Wholesale Giclee Canvas Printing

Volume Printing, Maximized Value

Save big when you order our giclee canvas production sheets.  Sizes start at 60″ x 100 for only $279.  Print variable sizes and artwork;  if it fits, it prints.  See production sheet layout samples below.  Wholesale giclee printing is ideal for artist who require  inventory of their art at a great price, frame shops who’d like to offer canvas art printing to their customers, hospitality projects and more.

What is a “Production Sheet”

Whether your looking for multiple orders of a 48x36, 10x10 or combination of both, Muzeo’s wholesale production sheet giclee printing allows you to nest various artwork in a variety of sizes on larger printed sheets.  Below are some sample production sheets with artwork nested in a variety of ways.  These examples include a 2.35″ canvas ‘slack’ that’s required for stretching on a 1.5″ bar.

We Don’t Sacrifice on Canvas Quality

Our Artist Canvas is a thick 22 mil satin surfaced substrate made of high quality Oxford weaved cotton/poly blend.  The Artist Canvas is printed using our high performance 6 color ink system.  Unlike other printing technologies, our water based inks do not produce any smells or harmful gases.  The print quality and environment rating makes it suitable for healthcare environments, home, and professional museum display.  Our Oxford weave cotton stretches easily on canvas bars and there’s no need to coat the surface.  Our Exhibition quality canvas is a higher performing option for professionals.


    “Artist Canvas” Specs

    • True Artist Canvas
    • Provides excellent ink coverage
    • Excellent Archival Properties
    • Cotton/Poly Blend
    • Oxford Weave
    • 22 mil Thickness

    “Exhibition Canvas” Specs

    • Museum Level Quality
    • Acid Free
    • Richer & Wider Color Gamut  
    • Deeper Black Density and Tonal Range
    • Excellent Archival Properties
    • Cotton/Poly Blend
    • 23 mil Thickness


    General pricing for our production sheets are as follows.  The Artist Canvas is printed on our 6 color press.  The Exhibition Canvas is printed on our 10 color system.   60x100 is our minimum size production sheet.  Artwork is mailed/delivered to you as a roll.

    Call (480) 483-2412 for more information or to place an order.


    Artist Canvas Exhibition Canvas
    60x100 $279 $399
    60x200 $529 $779
    60x300 $779 $1,159
    60x500 $1,289 $1,909