Giclee Printing Arizona

Professional Art Reproductions: Desirable, Collector Worthy Prints.

We work with a variety of artists throughout Arizona to remaster their works of art as giclee prints. Our technology includes two unique printing systems: a six-color HP Latex 560 for one of our canvas papers, and a sophisticated Epson P20000 printer for the finest giclee reproductions.  Our P20000 features:  

  • Next-generation pigment ink technology for outstanding color performance and improved resin encapsulation technology for superior gloss uniformity
  • Max Black Density — Photo Black pigment 1.5 times denser than the previous generation ink set, along with significant improvement to overall contrast ratio and optical clarity
  • Significant Print Permanence Improvements — Featuring completely reformulated pigment technology for improved print permanence, and up to twice the overall print permanence versus the previous generation ink set.
  • Extreme Color Balance — 4 levels of black, featuring an all-new dark gray for rendering superb gray balance through the entire tonal range of B&W and color prints.
  • Archival prints rated to last for up to 200 years for color and up to 400 years for black-and-white prints.
  • Four-level gray system for accurate transitions with very low grain

Production Sheets, Get More Art!

Save up to 50% on Giclee Prints

Save up to 50% on each print when you order productions sheets.  Maximize the area of our productions rolls with your artwork.  Mix and match different art and sizes, if it fits on our productions sheet, it will print.  Call us to learn more.

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